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Structure Fire 1/3/11Images of a structure fire which occured on January 3, 2011 in the old store at the corner of County Route 179 and Stephanie Street
House Fire Firefighters from Depauville, Clayton, LaFargeville, Chaumont, Brownville, and Three Mile Bay made a quick stop on a house fire in the hamlet, but numerous void spaces in the 150+ year old structure made overhaul a time consuming effort. The occupants had smelled smoke for an hour before discovering flames on a wall.
Controlled Burn LaFargeville Assistant Chief Nate Getman records some of the action at a controlled burn conducted in the village of LaFargeville. Depauville, Fishers Landing, and Clayton firefighters assisted with the demolition. To see a 10 second video clip, click here. You need a media player to see it. Photo and Video Clip by Capt. Larry Girard
Flippin' that Chicken! Depauville firefighters, including 1st Asst Chief Mike Patchen, cook some of the 500 halves prepared for our 2001 "Fall Classic" Chicken Barbeque.
Structure Fire in LaFargeville
 (Watertown Times Photo) A heat lamp started a fire in a rented home in LaFargeville. Fire entered the walls and got into cedar shakes under a tin roof, making the blaze hard to finally extinguish. Depauville FF Mike O'Neill and Clayton FF Kevin Dibble work to vent the roof as Depauville FF Mark Daye climbs the ladder to assist. Watertown Daily Times photo. (300k file)
Structure Fire in Depauville
 (Watertown Times Photo) Firefighters from five departments responded to this fully involved house. The exposure was undamaged despite a delay on water. Watertown Daily Times photo by Peter Barber.
Barn Fire in town of Clayton (Watertown Times Photo) Depauville firefighters, in on mutual aid, wet down the remains of a dairy barn in the Town of Clayton. Watertown Daily Times photo.
Garage Fire in Clayton - Spread to House (Watertown Times Photo Firefighter Mike Patchen and 1st Asst Chief Larry Girard work with Clayton firefighters to overhaul a fire in an attached garage that spread to a portion of this house in the Village of Clayton. Clayton firefighters were just returning from a cancelled mutual aid call. Watertown Daily Times photo.
Church Fire in Cape Vincent (Watertown Times Photo) Firefighters from six departments aided Cape Vincent volunteers with a fire in a church. Despite their efforts, the church was destroyed. That old enemy of churches - a fire with a head start - made saving the building difficult. The cause was laid to roofing work. Depauville and Chaumont combined to pump water from the St Lawrence River through 1600 feet of 5" hose to the fire. Watertown Daily Times photo.
Controlled Burn of a House An old house provided Depauville firefighters with an opportunity to study fire growth and behavior.
Christmas in July Parade 1998The lineup for the Christmas in July parade in Clayton in 1998 included the Sanford, 16-1-1, and Hancock 1711, driven 200 miles up from Delaware County just for the parade.
Christmas Parade 1999The lineup for the Christmas parade in Clayton in 1999 included the Sanford, 16-1-1, and Hancock 1711, once again driven 200 miles up from Delaware County just for the parade. This fine group participated.
Cardboard Sled Race - 1999Depauville firefighters participated in an annual fundraising event at the Dry Hill Ski Area in February 1999. The outstanding rendition of our 1961 Ward LaFrance pumper didn't win any prizes, but got a lot of compliments.
Three Generations Three generations of pumpers - 1993 International/KME, 1961 Ward LaFrance "Fireball", 1932 Sanford 3N "Cub"
The Sanford in the old red barn In a photo inspired by a painting, the Sanford reposes in our old red storage barn, since razed.
SADD Drill at 1000 Islands High SchoolAbout once every two years, just before the Prom, Cape Vincent firefighters work with the Thousand Islands High School Students Against Driving Drunk Chapter to stage a mock motor vehicle accident. Numerous agencies are involved, from fire departments to ambulances to law enforcement. Depauville has been represented each time.
Community Service ProjectEach year the 7th graders at Thousand Islands Middle School must perform a community service project. These have included cleaning cemetaries, entertaining senior citizens, marking storm drains that dump directly to the St Lawrence River, and assisting local agencies.
Every year since the program began, a seventh grade group has worked with the Depauville FD. They have helped clean our facilities and worked on a youth dance, but their favorite activity is always washing the trucks.
Angus on our Pumper 16-1-1 Angus was an unofficial mascot of the Depauville VFD. He belongs to Laura Girard, daughter of Chief Girard. He was deaf, but learned signs.
Angus on our old Sanford Pumper Dalmatians and old fire trucks just seem to go together. Click here to download an even larger version, suitable for wallpaper.
Kids and Dalmations Angus is becoming a regular feature of parades in Clayton. The kids always seem to enjoy him!
Budweiser, Schmudweiser! This is Angus' reaction to the dog on the Budweiser wagon!
Structure Fire 1/3/11Images of a structure fire which occured on January 3, 2011 in the old store at the corner of County Route 179 and Stephanie Street

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